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Catalog of the Solifugae

Genus Eremochelis Roewer 1934
branchi species group



         Muma (1951) divided his newly erected genus Therobates Muma 1951 (now recognized as a synonym of Eremochelis Roewer 1934) into three species groups.  One, the  branchi group was characterized a follows:

 "Moderate- to small-sized species. Males with mesal groove of fixed finger a deep narrow slot containing no distinct carinae. Apical plumose bristles of flagellum complex enlarged and flattened, covering part of the apical portion of mesal groove. Ventral tubular bristles of complex grouped in fondal notch. Known females have the opercula scalloped or lobate on their ectal margins, adjacent on their mesal margins except for a small triangular area near their posterior ends and elevated at the postero-mesal angles. Ectal row of fondal teeth graded in size I, III, II, IV; mesal row I, I, III, IV. In addition to the usual clothing the metatarsi of the palpi are provided below with two unequal rows of stout spines."

         Muma (ibid) included in the branchi group the following currently recognized species: Eremochelis branchi (Muma 1951), Eremochelis medialis (Muma, 1951), Eremochelis morrisi (Muma 1951). Eremochelis gertschi (Muma 1951), Eremochelis iviei (Muma 1951), Eremochelis malkini (Muma 1951), Therobates cameronensis Muma 1951 (subsequently recognized as  a synonym of Eremochelis insignatus Roewer 1934).
         Muma (1962) later added Eremochelis coloradensis (Muma 1962) and Eremochelis bidepressus (Muma 1951) to the branchi group, and clarified the inclusion of Eremochelis insignatus Roewer 1934.  Muma (1989) next added Eremochelis bechteli Muma 1989, Eremochelis flavus Muma 1989, Eremochelis fuscellus Muma 1989, Eremochelis saltoni Muma 1989, Eremochelis tanneri Muma 1989, and removed Eremochelis morrisi (Muma 1951) (which he placed in the bilobatus group), noting that the newly added species did not significantly alter the group characters.  Wtih the addition of Eremochelis oregonensis (Brookhart and Cushing, 2002) by Brookhart and Cushing (2002), the group attained its current constituency:

Eremochelis bechteli Muma 1989
Eremochelis bidepressus
(Muma 1951)
Eremochelis branchi
(Muma 1951)
Eremochelis coloradensis
(Muma 1962)
Eremochelis flavus
Muma 1989
Eremochelis fuscellus
Muma 1989
Eremochelis gertschi
(Muma 1951)
Eremochelis insignatus
Roewer 1934
Eremochelis iviei
(Muma 1951)
Eremochelis malkini
(Muma 1951)
Eremochelis medialis
(Muma, 1951)
Eremochelis oregonensis
(Brookhart and Cushing, 2002)
Eremochelis saltoni
Muma 1989
Eremochelis tanneri
Muma 1989

























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