The Arachnid Order Solifugae



Phylogeny of the Solifugae
Keys to FamiliesFamily Ammotrechidae
Family Ceromidae
Family Daesiidae

     Blossia aegyptica                  
     Blossia albocaudata               
     Blossia alticursor                
     Blossia anatolica                  
     Blossia angolensis
     Blossia arabica                
     Blossia brincki                  
     Blossia clunigera                
     Blossia costata                      
     Blossia crepidulifera            
     Blossia ebneri           
     Blossia echinata      
     Blossia electa         
     Blossia falcifera
     Blossia filicornis
     Blossia fimbriata
     Blossia fradei
     Blossia gaerdesi
     Blossia gluvioides
     Blossia grandicornis
     Blossia hessei
     Blossia homodonta
     Blossia karrooica
     Blossia laminicornis
     Blossia lapidicola
     Blossia laticosta
     Blossia litoralis
     Blossia longipalpis

     Blossia macilenta
     Blossia maraisi
     Blossia maroccana
     Blossia massaica
     Blossia namaquensis
     Blossia nigripalpis
     Blossia obscura
     Blossia obsti
     Blossia occidentalis
     Blossia omeri
     Blossia orangica
     Blossia pallideflava
     Blossia parva
     Blossia planicursor
     Blossia pringlei
     Blossia purpurea
     Blossia quadripilosa
     Blossia robusta

     Blossia rooica
     Blossia rosea
     Blossia sabulosa
     Blossia scapicornis
     Blossia schulzei
     Blossia setifera
     Blossia singularis
     Blossia spinicornis
     Blossia spinosa
     Blossia sulcichelis
     Blossiola toschii
     Blossia tricolor
     Blossia unguicornis







Incertae sedis





























Family Eremobatidae
Family Galeodidae
Family Gylippidae
Family Hexisopodidae
Family Karschiidae
Family Melanoblossidae
Family Mummuciidae
Family RhagodidaeFamily Solpugidae
Catalog of the Solifugae

Genus Blossia Simon 1880

Blossia Simon, 1880: 399-400; Kraepelin 1899b: 232; Kraepelin 1901a: 101-102; Hewitt, 1919b: 22; Wharton, 1981: 20-21.
Roewer 1933: 359 (synonymized by Wharton, 1981: 20)..


Type species:  of Blossia: Blossia spinosa Simon, 1880, by original monotypy; of Blossiola: Blossia unguicornis Purcell, 1902, by original designation.
Distribution:  AFRICA:
Included species: 

Blossia aegyptica ( Roewer 1933)                                        
Blossia albocaudata Levy & Shulov 1964                          
Blossia alticursor Lawrence 1929                                      
Blossia anatolica ( Roewer 1941)                                      
Blossia angolensis ( Lawrence 1960)                          
Blossia arabica ( Roewer 1933)                                 
Blossia brincki ( Lawrence 1955)                                  
Blossia clunigera Kraepelin 1908                                      
Blossia costata ( Roewer 1933)                                      
Blossia crepidulifera Purcell 1902                                       
Blossia ebneri ( Roewer 1933)                         
Blossia echinata Purcell 1903                          
Blossia electa Roewer 1933                        
Blossia falcifera falcifera Kraepelin 1908                            
    Blossia falcifera brachygnatha ( Lawrence 1935)   
    Blossia falcifera longicornis ( Lawrence 1935)
    Blossia falcifera namibensis ( Lawrence 1972)
    Blossia falcifera natalensis Hewitt 1934
    Blossia falcifera omatjensis Hewitt 1934
    Blossia falcifera quibensis Hewitt 1934
    Blossia falcifera transvaalica Lawrence 1929
Blossia filicornis Hewitt 1914
Blossia fimbriata Kraepelin 1914
Blossia fradei ( Lawrence 1960)
Blossia gaerdesi ( Lawrence 1972)
Blossia gluvioides ( Roewer 1933)
Blossia grandicornis Lawrence 1929
Blossia hessei Lawrence 1929
Blossia homodonta ( Lawrence 1972)
Blossia karrooica Purcell 1902
Blossia laminicornis Hewitt 1919
Blossia lapidicola ( Lawrence 1935)
Blossia laticosta Hewitt 1919
Blossia litoralis Purcell 1903
Blossia longipalpis ( Lawrence 1935)
Blossia macilenta ( Lawrence 1968)
Blossia maraisi Hewitt 1915
Blossia maroccana ( Roewer 1933)
Blossia massaica Roewer 1933
Blossia namaquensis Purcell 1902
Blossia nigripalpis nigripalpis ( Roewer 1933)
    Blossia nigripalpis agriope ( Della Cave & Simonetta 1971)
Blossia obscura Kraepelin 1908
Blossia obsti ( Roewer 1933) 
Blossia occidentalis ( Roewer 1933)
Blossia omeri ( Levy & Shulov 1964)
Blossia orangica ( Lawrence 1935)
Blossia pallideflava ( Lawrence 1972)
Blossia parva ( Roewer 1933)
Blossia planicursor Wharton 1981
Blossia pringlei Lamoral 1974
Blossia purpurea Wharton 1981
Blossia quadripilosa ( Lawrence 1960)
Blossia robusta Lawrence 1972
Blossia rooica Wharton 1981
Blossia rosea ( Lawrence 1935)]
Blossia sabulosa ( Lawrence 1972)
Blossia scapicornis ( Lawrence 1972)
Blossia schulzei ( Lawrence 1972)
Blossia setifera Pocock 1900a:301 [Zimbabwe]
Blossia singularis ( Lawrence 1965)
Blossia spinicornis ( Lawrence 1928)
Blossia spinosa Simon 1880
Blossia sulcichelis Roewer 1941
Blossiola toschii Caporiacco 1949
Blossia tricolor Hewitt 1914
Blossia unguicornis Purcell 1902





























































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