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Phylogeny of the Solifugae
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Family Ceromidae
Family Daesiidae
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Family Galeodidae
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Genus Galeodumus
     Galeodumus colognatoi
Genus Gluviema
Genus Othoes
Genus Paragaleodes
Genus Paragaleodiscus
Genus Roeweriscus
Genus Zombis

Family Gylippidae
Family Hexisopodidae
Family Karschiidae
Family Melanoblossidae
Family Mummuciidae
Family Rhagodidae

 Family Solpugidae
Catalog of the Solifugae

Galeodumus colognatoi Roewer 1960




















Galeodumus colognatoi Roewer 1960: 23, 24, figs. 3a, 3b

Holotype:    1 - Qandahar, Afghanistan ("without data, present of Dr. Colognato").

Original description (Roewer 1960: 23, 24, figs. 3a, 3b):

    "♂ - Länge des Körpers (Prosoma + Opisthosoma) = 23 (9 +14) mm.
Opisthosoma ohne ventralen Ctenidien-Besatz.
heliceren am beweglichen Finger mit 1 und am unbeweglichen Finger mit 2 Zwischenzähnen; Flagellum von normaler Ausbildung.
Pedipalpen: Metatarsus mit Cylinderborsten-Besatz, ventral mit 6: 6 Dornen.
Beine: 2. und 3. Metatarsus ventral mit je 1.2 und 4. Metatarsus ventral mit 1.2.2 Dornen; ventral Bedornung des 2.-4. Tarsus siehe Genus·Diagnose, 4. Tarsus ventral ohne besondere Ausbildung von Sohlenhaaren.
Färbung und Zeichnung: Propeltidium rostgelb, am Stirnrand fein schwarz beumt; Opisthosoma dorsal grau, mit graubrauner Mittelbinde (diese von einer schmalen, weißlichen Medianlinie durchzogen), ventral mit Coxen blaßgelb; Cheliceren einfarbig rostgelb,
ohne dunkle Längsstreifung;
Pedipalpen: Femur leicht gebräunt, Tibia und Metatarsus vollständig stark schwarzbraun, Tarsus blaßgelb; Beine rostgelb, 3. und 4. Femur und Tibia leicht gebräunt; Malleoli weißlich. "

- length of the body (Prosoma + Opisthosoma) = 23 (9 +14) mm.
     Opisthosoma without ventral ctenidia.
     Movable cheliceral finger with 1 and  fixed finger with 2 intermediate teeth;  Flagellum of normal form.
     Pedipalps: Metatarsus with cylinder bristles, ventrally with 6:6 spines.
     Legs: 2nd and 3rd metatarsi ventrally with 1.2 and 4th metatarsus ventrally with 1.2.2 spines; ventral spination of 2nd through 4th tarsi same as in diagnosis of genus, 4th tarsus ventrally without special arrangement of setae on undersurface.
     Coloration and markings: Propeltidium rust-yellow, the front edge finely bordered with black; Opisthosoma gray dorsally, with a gray-brown central stripe (this with a narrow, whitish median line), ventrally with coxae pale-yellow; Chelicerae plain rust-yellow, without dark longitudinal stripe; Pedipalps: femur lightly browned, tibia and metatarsus entirely densely brownish black, tarsus pale-yellow; Legs rust-yellow, 3rd and 4th femurs and tibiae lightly browned; Malleoli white.

Distribution: Afghanistan.


Above - Fig. 3 from Roewer (1960): Galeodumus colognatoi. ♂ - ventral spination of the tarsi of legs 3 (a) and 4 (b).

Below = Distribution (by country) of Galeodumus colognatoi Roewer.


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