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Sundevall 1833

Galeodids are readily distinguished from other members of the order Solifugae by the presence of fine microsetae on the tarsal claws of legs II through IV.  This vestiture of microsetae does not occur on any other group of  solifuges.  Most of the species are relatively long-legged, and included among them are the largest members of the order.

Members of the family Galeodidae are known from northern Africa through Asia.  The 200 known species are distributed among nine genera: Galeodes (174 species), Galeodopsis (5 species), Galeodumus (1 species), Gluviema (1 species), Othoes (5 species), Paragaleodes (11 species), Paragaleodiscus (1 species), Roeweriscus (1 species) and Zombis (1 species).  No subfamilies are recognized.