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Catalog of the Solifugae

Family Ceromidae Roewer 1933



Members of the family Ceromidae occur in southern Africa.  The 20 known living species are distributed among 3 genera:  Ceroma (16 species), Ceromella (3 species), and Toreus (1 species).  The one known fossil species (from lower Cretaceous rocks in Brazil) is placed in the genus Cratosolpuga.

1.      Immobile finger of the chelicerae of the male deeply divided, so that its medial branch is strongly extended and is bent laterally; a Flagellum is absent (?); dorsal record of the rostrum apical strongly ventral-wärts crookedly and its set nightmare slat more vertically than horizontally…..Toreus


Immobile finger of the chelicerae x not divided, normally pointed; a swivelling Flagellum clearly develops; dorsal record of the rust rum more sharpened, his set nightmare slat more horizontally than vertically directed….2


2.      Immobile finger of the chelicerae x with 2 front big teeth which straight away the media and lateral cheeks tooth row follows interteeth are absent; the swivelling Flagellum runs out in a long scourge which stretches beyond in the neutral position directed to the back up to the ocular hill or even him; z with a set of teeth of the immobile finger from 2 Front, 1 intertooth and 1 main tooth which both cheeks tooth rows follow….Ceroma


Immobile finger of the chelicerae x with 2 Front, 1 intertooth and 1 main tooth which both cheeks tooth rows follow; the swivelling Flagellum basal strongly widens and in the neutral position directed to the back at the rejuvenated end only the base of the chelicerae finger reaching or completely a little overriding, in any case, far before the ocular hill ending….Ceromella 


Chelicera of Ceroma macrognatha Lawrence 1954, mesal view (from Lawerence 1954).

Chelicera of Ceroma sylvestris Lawrence 1938, ectal and mesal views (from Lawrence 1938)








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